Frances McDormand is so at home in Laurel Canyon, you could imagine this is what she is like in real life. Laid back record producer, drinking, shagging, smoking joints and generally having a whale of a time. It is an interesting piece of acting to compare with Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale. They are supposed to be wound up, stressed and up-tight and possibly this shows because that is how they are acting. The fact that it seems like they are acting compared to McDormand’s beautifully naturally performance may be part of the act. Actually, it is unclear if Beckinsale is acting at all – but she still looks uncomfortable as a PhD Biochemist.

The most fun in what is a pretty low-key film comes when the band McDormand is recording slowly ‘write’ Sparklehorse’s ‘Someday I Will Treat You Good’. Which is later rejected as not being a killer single. Harsh.