As part of Do You See? lousy movie Monday I bring you, a lack of appreciation for Scary Movie 3:

How much to you enjoy watching people being hit? This is the question Scary Movie 3 poses, because as far as I could work out about the only joke in the film is watching the various characters continuously being smacked round the head with lump hammers, microphones, being thrown out of windows, run over, heads mangled by raffles fans et al. Any attempt at the clever verbal humour that summoned in this kind of parody movie with Airplane! has been abandoned, which is odd considering that some of the highlights of the last twenty years of this genre are gathered together in this film. Leslie Nielsen’s president at least mugs a bit, though it is unclear exactly why Charlie Sheen took this job. David Zucker’s direction is more First night than Naked Gun, I spotted at least five gags the film missed. In the end the internal flaws of the films parodied here gives it just about enough to go on – and Anna Farris seems more surprised than anyone that she has had a franchise make it to three movies. Laugh? Well it is better than the Human Stain.