Shout out to our foreign reader(s)! Is that Korean? ON WITH THE SHOW!!

I love Judge John Deed. Don’t you know what it is? It’s a courtoom CRIME DRAMA on the BBC. That, along with the repeats of Room 101 with Jonny Vegas are worth the license fee alone. Each week there is a very serious court case which always features an appearance from a well-qualified, well-meaning but eccentric old loon. Last night we had an Oxford Don with amazing eyebrows. The week before we had a Kevin Eldon style undertaker. B-b-but we ALL KNOW how court cases go, we watch the 10 o clock news don’t we? Or Channel 5 news? Let’s get to the REAL STORIES.

The real stories of course feature Judge John Deed’s relationships with various LADY QCs. Cherie? Laugh? I nearly bought the book. But no dear readers, Judge John Deed is also In Therapy. He has commitment problems. He’s a little overfond of the ladies. The QC’s aren’t having it anymore! One emminent QC is his ex-wife, another one is his ex-lover and I believe he’s also started making love (Judge John Deed does not merely have a BONK) with the blooming therapist. Dawsons Creek for growed ups? I THINK I MAY HAVE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!

There’s a classic bit in each show where his secretary helps Judge John Deed on with his big old Judgey cape. And his courtroom demeanour! I’d rather have courtroom demeanour than “bedside manners” ANYDAY. And you just KNOW that’s a glass of THE STUFF he’s got on his desk, not water. Isn’t he dashing for an oldie? Help, I’m getting a bit too carried away. I can’t believe the programme can last for AN HOUR AND A HALF and you don’t even notice the time slipping away like so many grains of sand through an upturned palm. I am tempted to go and study law at Oxford so that one day perhaps Judge John Deed would take me out for dinner.

Well done The Beeb!