The film is called Noi Albinoi. Really before I went in I though Noi Albinoi had a proper, deep meaning, rather than – hey look at Noi, he’s and albino. The film is a bit like this. For eighty minutes of its ninety run time its pretty much watch Noi. Luckily Noi is a charming character, if troublesome to his teachers, his classmates and his family. He sends a tape recorder to school instead of attending, fixes fruit machines to win and scams his way around his sleepy Icelandic village.

And then something happens. Before thatsomething happens it looks like Noi is going to end up dead or in prison. Smart but nihilistic he starts getting into trouble, and losing his charm too. then something happens to put Noi’s life into perspective. The film is equally charming but inconsequential until this final sequence. Its a bit late to exactly save the film, but it does make the previous hour and a half worthwhile. Gentle, eccentric and at the end thought provoking, its just a film about an albino called Noi.