OH NO! WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!! Yes, Horizon is back on BBC2, and this time it’s serious. The conveyor belt might stop you know [insert generation game cuddly toy joke here]. I don’t know why they stopped calling it the gulf stream, maybe the people who make those executive jets complained. Anyway, the usual repetition and theorising (well, you know, we think it might take 50 years and then it would be quite annoying, BUT IF IT HAPPENS IN 20 YEARS (which it won’t) WE ARE ALL DOOMED) in an attempt to build tension.

Two other things:
1. The full transcript of the show is available on the website, which I think is pretty cool (no pun intended), however it doesn’t tell you what the matching visuals were, eg: NARRATOR: If he is right then Britain could be heading for a massive drop in temperatures. It seems we could be heading for something like an ice age. The ice ages were one of the greatest forces nature has unleashed on our planet. cut to HUGE TOWERING GLACIERS with bits falling off into the sea (for the fourth time in two minutes).
2. None of this matters anyway, because, according to next week’s show we’ve ONLY GOT THREE YEARS ‘TIL THE WORLD ENDS ANYWAY…