On NTL, no, I don’t see.

5.53pm. I am on the phone. I’ve been on the phone for 40 minutes. You see, I’ve started on the loooooong road to getting NTL to install loads and loads of telly in my flat. Now I knew that both NTL and Telewest were bad at customer service, and have had my problems with Telewest in the past, but NTL are incredibly poor before I’ve even started! They manage to rub your face in how bad they are while you wait the 40 minutes to get through to the “pre-installation line” with a constant loop of how great it is to be signed up to NTL. “THAT WOULD BE SMASHING, JUST ANSWER THE PHONE AND I’LL PAY YOU LOTS OF MONEY FOR THIS SERVICE, JUST PLEASE… GOD… ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE. anyone.”

And the reason I’m trying to get through is that after many previous calls (to arrange someone to come out for a site check, to remind them that someone was going to come out and where were they, to remind them that the person who came out said it was an easy job and would someone like to come and install it now) the last guy was quite certain I’d signed up for the expensive phone options and was convinced I couldn’t have the cheap one anyway. Which is worrying as they processed my bank details aaaages ago. No problem there. Now if only they’d provide a service that they could actually charge me for.

Apologies. I shouldn’t be blogging this here, I should be on NTHell, which is actually owned by NTL in an attempt to get customer feedback, but it is way too scary. It reveals all the other lovely things I can look forward to ONCE THEY GIVE ME ANY BLOODY SERVICE AT ALL.

Sorry about all those caps. I’m calmer now. But they still haven’t answered. 6.03 pm