There is very little to be said about the film Underworld that isn’t said on this ILE thread. A high in concept low in thought rip-off of Blade 2, it consists mainly of Kate Beckinsale proving that she has her fathers gift for comedy. Pity this is a serious as cancer melodrama about the TWUE STORWEE of the blood fued betwene Wampires and Lychen. Which is some sort of mold right? Anyway some bloke got a virus and in some sort of Bibular rip-off of Cain and Abel (and Buffy prolly) one kid became a Wampire and one became Mold. And verily they got on like a house on fire, or at least like master and servant until Bill Nighy got a bit arsey one day and decided wouldn’t it be fun to have an immortal war. Like what they have in comics or something. Then without a by-your-leave or any thought as to how any of this could actually make any sort of sense, we are in Budapest, where the hospitals are staffed by Americans and the police never do anything. Wampires are now all speaking in English accents except, with a nice twist in received wisdom, the bad guy who is a Meercan. And if the rest of the film makes you laugh then at least you might get your moneys worth. I thought it was bobbins.