Test The Nation is back again – like the Sunday Times Rich List (exactly as meaningful and a fiftieth as fun), TTN is showing every sign of turning into some kind of imposed ‘tradition’ that supposedly comes round once a year but in fact seems to appear every three months. Can it really have been only twelve months ago that the nation was last tested? Will ‘our’ ‘IQ’ have ‘risen’ this year (it might work like GCSE results – ten years of TTN and on paper we will be a nation of Mekon-like superbrains)? Test The Nation’s original run was responsible for one of my favourite ever TV moments, when Anne Robinson was going through the results, got to “No. 69” and was interrupted by an enormous cheer. The camera followed the noise – straight to the Students panel. Maybe this year’s show will provide similar cheap laughs – I won’t find out, I’ll be in the bar for Pete’s birthday. Chin chin!