SOAP BUBBLES. Why? Why they make them is obvious – a chance to see your ‘favourite’ characters up to their antics out of context. So we get Bianca Butcher nee Jackson getting Rickay entangled with drug lords in Manchester. The Hollyoaks gang getting down and dirty late at night. Frank Butcher being a loveable rogue in Fictitious West Country Seaside Resort. What I want to know is why are they so bloody awful? Sunday night’s Perfectly Frank was extra bloody awful. It was classic (i.e. formulaic) Sunday night 8pm fodder, in the style of such greats as Heartbeat or Where the Heart Is. In fact Frank was pretty much playing Greengrass from Heartbeat ‘ gets involved in a hilarious scrape through a series of hilarious misunderstandings but somehow manages to come out on top and live to get involved in yet another hilarious scrape etc etc zzzzz. Given the fact that Frank had previously faked his own death in Spain it’s hardly surprising that he’s plagued with assorted troubles, as he was still using his real name. There’s ignoring continuity and then there’s just being silly. And this was silly. Frank’s false teeth were silly. The selection of daft yokels were silly. Blowing up a drug shipment with a celebratory cannonball was silly. Most of all I was silly for wasting an hour of my life watching it.