Masturbation is shocking! Raising Victor Vargas proves this, when the evilest thing the titular character can do is supposedly teach his brother how to masturbate. The only problem with other tremendous RVV is that the lead chaarcter is too nice. The plot is simple. Hot, horny self-styled sixteen year old loving machine Victor Vargas wants to pull Judy. Judy hates men, and Voctor is just all macho bullshit. But deep down Vic is actually quite sensitive, and trying to get Judy changes him for the better. Problem is, with the exception of being buckishly misogenistic and a bit nasty to his sister, Victor starts off quite nice. There isn’t much of a journey here.

What you do get is great naturalistic acting, a real sense of place and character and a really rather romantic little film. Go see. And look out for Judy’s friend played by Melonie Diaz. I’ve seen her in a few films this year, and she is tremendous (her murderous teen in Double Whammy was the only reason to see that film).