HORNBLOWER! Marvellous stuff. No series has ever been more

c) ridiculous

as the adventures of Captain Horatio Hornblower and crew of able Seamen. Even now as I type, the plucky ENGLISH hurrah are getting boats to sail offshore into TREACHEROUS STRAITS to rescue the Spanish who are rotters and all drink sherry. Hornblower has also been subjected to TORTURE defending his men from a botched escape attempt and if I believe so, it all ends up with him having to fight an insane sea captain. Uh-oh! And here comes a LADY (whot on earth is the Kenco coffee woman doing here???). Seeing the nobilty of Mr Hornblower you understand why they did not allow GURLS in the navy as they would all lose their hearts to the ponytailed vision of seamanship. Within two seconds of them meeting (ma’am, would you allow me to make a request of you!) they’re already having a snuggle. And wouldn’t you (picture here)?

Also it appears to feature Robert Lindsay from My Family (punctillious in manners of honour) who gets to promote Acting Lieutenant Hornblower to Full Lieutenant! But but will he stick to his honour and go back to the Spanish? Such breathless drama can never be blogged accurately. Haters who say it is just like SHARPE but with boats are RUBBISH.

3 cheers for Hornblower! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! (It occurs to me that Hornblower/Captain Jack Sparrow slash fiction cannot be far away but matters of this nature are not palatable to readers of Do You See. I hope).

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