Two weeks in a row I’ve worked out who the perp was in Law & Order: SVU about 45 minutes before the (none-too-likeable) detectives did. This is very boring – why didn’t they watch Cannon as kids? That’s where I learnt to second-guess all possible TV-tec plot-twists ever. Actual real Law & Order gets the whodunnit out of the way fairly quickly, to concentrate on the politics of so-how-do-we-convince-a-judge-and-jury? Presumably this is why L&O is Noam Chomsky’s favourite TV programme also (excellent fact courtesy the recent New Yorker Chomsky profile). I adore grimy police procedurals – I even like A Touch of Frost, for goodness sake – but it’s the interplay between the players which attracts me, not the stupid “mystery”. Also in a sane world, Christopher Meloni’s tinyweeny head wd have fallen down the inside of his neck by now.