This should be a welcome post for Do You See? explaining all the wonderful things that this all new offshoot of Freaky Trigger will be giving you in the field of TV, film and the like. Instead it already degenerates in to me backing up the half remembered memory of a lousy ITV game show against those who call me liar.

Scavengers (the name eluded me in the pub) was one of a few attempts by ITV to repeat the success of Gladiators. Presented by the not currently shamed in the tabloids John Leslie, and some woman in a metal bra – it made the terrible error of being a game show with a plot. (cf Ice Warriors and The Interceptor). Somehow two couples were whisked out of their ordinary humdrum lives in Osset or Bradford and transported to the far future to scavenge debris from a spaceship. Then I think they went back in time and were given CD Walkmen – which in 1997 were a big deal.

All this is of course apropos of nothing, but at least should give Leslie solace in these dark hours, at least he is not still presenting this pile of shite.

The links are from UK Gameshows– which is on of those “old shows you had forgotten written about in a snarky way” sites – but a good one.