various attempts bin made, nothing stuck yet: the noughties, the naughts, the 00ze…

oddball composer, pol-blogger and er “hayekian leftist”* stirling newberry suggests: the thousands, embedded in this (interesting, hyper-compressed, typically cloudy, two-part)** essay on why decades do indeed have characters (provided you tinker somewhat with their end-points) and that “if you aren’t paying attention to fashion, you aren’t paying attention…”

*erm actually my econo-grasp is no WAY good enough to be attempting to label ppl who do understand economics — this stab is totally based on me liking the sound of SN’s idea that an oil-based market is useless when it comes to the valuation of information-based equity, stated but not justified in this comment here, but
A: i have no competence to judge the usefulness of any of this, as opposed to merely likin the sound of it :(
and B: i am probbly makin like 10 bad assumptions in this footnote alone :( :(
**haha hey who does that description remind you of :( :( :(