What is a one hit wonder? It can be an artist that never had another chart hit, an artist who never reached top 10 again, or an artist who just is, in the nation’s perception, a one hit wonder. In Channel 4’s ’50 Greatest One Hit Wonders’ we’ve opened it up to everyone to find the best ever list of singular songs that will forever have a place in our hearts and in our memories.

NO NO NO, a one-hit wonder is, quite straight-forwardly, a band which had 1 (one) hit. OK, you could say it has to be a top 40 hit, but Babylon Zoo? Cornershop? Afroman even had another top 10 hit… Two of the acts (the 5, 6, 7, 8s and the kingsmen) didn’t even get top 20 with their one SO-CALLED hit??? i mean we’re used now to these polls that are based on what some hack producer could get the usual suspects to talk about (hi dere, mr petredis, you might want to think about opening yr eyes the next time yr on camera though innit), but at least there is usually some consistancy about the songs that are picked.

And it was that c0ck justin lee-collins doing the voice-over. Come back Jimmy Carr, all is forgiven…

the final list in full