Science geek girl sticks hand down toilet, cleaner than fast-food ice she finds. Twelve year old girls are funny aren’t they. Especially twelve year old brain-box girls. Who spend too much time watching Supersize Me.

I suppose we are supposed to be surprised that the water in the toilet is cleaner than the ice. But I was talking to a public health virologist the other day, and she explained to me that more water is always better than cleaner water. The source of most waterborn or water carried diseases is usually a high concentration of bacteria in a small amount of water. An ice cube is a small amount of water compared to the two pints of water in the average toilet bowl. What’s more, how did she test the ice? Did she wait for it to melt, thus giving the bacteria a chance to grow.

I am sure her methods are all fine and above board, and that she used proper disclosing tablets to get her results. I am just not sure what the story MEANS. I’ve always known the water in toilets is pretty clean. THAT’S THE POINT OF THE WATER!!!