Sorry that ILX is offline today – this is pretty unavoidable as someone is intent on just pissing about with any thread they fancy. Something has happened on the Noise board and i don’t know what or why, but i sure know the end result. I’ve had to edit out a whole slew of smartarse posts and there’s something else weird going on too, so to be on the safe side, today is a TIME OUT.

The simplest thing I can do to help is prevent CSS smartarsery, so we could be back much quicker, but there is something else suspicious going on that i don’t want getting out of hand and need time to tentatively investigate.


I am not entirely satisfied, but it does look it was just one poster exploiting an already known issue and there is no real security risk, and i can shut that off easily. However the nuisance spamming of ILE with CSS images is something i’ll have to change in the code to stop it happening, and i’m not in a position to fix it right now.

I have NO IDEA what caused this – i know something happened on the noise board, but it is not something i had a hand in, and for all i know it could be entirely due to ppl on the noise board fucking themselves over. I DO NOT KNOW.

We’re back. I haven’t fixed anything in the code. Loads of posts have been deleted and admin’d to ‘.’ in memorial, but there is actually nothing to stop it becoming a mess again. On the other hand, i am satisfied that no long term damage is currently possible.

Teh End