Just when we thought Chapter 9 would finally say who built the moon, it instead gives us a fudge. Oh it names the moon builder all right, and a rubbish name it gives them too. Said moon builder is called : UCA: not the Universe Construction Agency, which would have been hardhatastic, but something a bit more rubbish. Unknown Creative Agency. Bah, that just sounds like a bunch of admen.

Chapter 9 contains the following sentence, which sums up the book really:

We were well aware that there were some issues, which, if we forced ourselves to reconcile them simultaneously would inhibit lateral thinking.

Ie, lots of these ideas are too whacked out to sit on the same page together. Indeed this area is now pushing the “science is only one theory” argument which intelligent designers use, which is dangerous. That said, they are correct that science abhors a vacumn: and they would rather use an explanation for the moon that doesn’t work than have no explanation at all.

The chapter then says how the Moon was built, though without key facts like who or what stuff was hired from HSS Hire Shops to do the job. It also wanders back into its cul de sac of the number of orbits and ratios being important. You see this book is sure not only that the moon was built, that it was built to engender life, but also that it is a message and a specific message to ten fingered men too. Like the left wing rabble rouser, they cannot separate the good arguments (there are no theories for where the moon comes from) from the bad (400 is a round number).

And the UCA? Three more chapters full of theories I hope.