The Incubator Of Intelligence is the title of Chapter Seven, and it kind of pulls together the previous chapters to show how plate tectonics, a decent climate and tides all happily combined together to create man. Indeed it spends a little bit too much time describing various theories of mankind’s evolution, as if describing it makes it in some causally connected to the moon, or even a necessary upshot of the moon.

There is no shocking new science in this chapter, but it does seem to be preparing us for the next Chapter where it may seem that we might get the first candidate for who built the moon. As such it is full of not proven hubristic statements such as the one that finishes the chapter:

How little those cave dwellers, who scratched their knowledge of the lunar cycle onto animal bones and antler, were aware that without the presence of the lunar disc that so captivated them, the Earth would probably be a lifeless rock, silently spinning around the Sun, like the inferno of Venus and the frozen wastes of Mars.