So God is no good, mainly cos our authors don’t believe in God and this is THEIR BALL. Meaning, the second option. ALIEUMS.

This chapter wonders exactly why Aliums would build the moon and why would they do it so long ago. Yet again this bizarre stipulation that the moon is a message and humans have ten fingers is underlined. Which is unfortunate because without them, the alien hypothesis makes the most sense. It is almost as if they have a favourite theory that all their work up to now builds up to. How unscientific of them.

(These chapters keep banging on about how unscientific science is: putting the boot in to Karl popper is always fun, but doing it just so their “open mind theories” don’t get shot down is rubbish.) There is some suggestion of a hyper-intelligence trying to seed the Universe, which starts drifting into the God angle again. In the end, after all this build up, this theory is given much less shift than you would expect. Come on, this is a crazy conspiracy theory book, bring on the Aliums.