THEORY 1: The Moon was built by…GOD.

As the book has not been all that keen on creationism, it is clearly that this idea is given relatively short shrift. Sure, God in his omnipotence, could certainly have done all the things suggested in the book. By why would he? This chapter is loathe to wander into pastures philosophical: and so doesn’t, and rather chooses to quote Douglas Adams which is more than an error.

The problem with the God hypothesis is clearly that it seems a pretty convoluted way to do what he did. If God wants people, then he would make people. And he wouldn’t bother with leaving the moon as a message to prove it.

So dissatisfied with this conclusion is the book that it never considers various ideas like:
a) God existed but died, and this was his legacy
b) A slightly less omnipotent God
c) The moon as a celestial alarm clock.

Clearly the correct out for the God hypothesis is that he set everything in motion, and then went for a kip. Our reading of the “message of the moon” is to wake him up WHICH IS WHY THE MOON RINGS LIKE A BELL.

(There is no science at all in this chapter.)