Chapter 2: Moving away from amazing moon coincidences and into a vague cul-de-sac of megaliths and measuring units. In particular the amazing construction of the megalithic yard. A standardized unit of measurement which is the length of a pendulum cord whose period is the time it takes Venus to traverse 366th of the sky.

Yes. I know. No who built the moon here. Instead we have the amazing megalithic yard and the recurrence of the number 400. No moon action, instead much reverence towards the ancient master builders of Stonehenge and the like. The fact that the megalithic yard is connected to the metre is touted as a remarkable thing, however tells us little about who built the moon. Unless the people who built Stonehenge also built THE MOON (unlikely). Oh and something about eclipses AGAIN – and how total eclipses alter pendulum swings. Sometimes. General not under lab conditions.

Chapter 3: Gets back tot the moon and the various theories of how it could be there. Cosmic accretion theory of meteors does not hold up. Earth spewing out the moon by itself does not hold up. Just catching a comet also does not explain the existence of Earth rock on the moon or indeed the gravity of the situation just doesn’t make any sense. Which leaves the Big Whack theory, large asteroid hitting the Earth sending lots of rock out into the sky as the moon. Its a good theory but even the biggest proponent of it suggests that it only works if there was another giant meteor strike stabilizing the Earth’s orbit.

What does this mean. WE HAVE NO THEORIES TO EXPLAIN THE MOON. EXCEPT SOMEONE BUILT IT. Chapter 3 does not explain who built the moon however. Darnit.