Most weeks something pops up on the information superhighway about a project to hack some old technology into new, that you could make one up and someone has either done it or is working on it. Here I’ll make up: MAME emulator on the Nintendo DS. I bet someone somewhere is already playing Gyruss through to the end level on that one.

My eye was caught this week by Doom on an iPod (there’s a video, and though 4 fps doesn’t sound promising, it looks surprisingly playable!), but that ipodlinux site held something closer to my heart….

Still got a zx-spectrum, but no old-fashioned cassette recorder to load up the games? Well worry no more! Load up your ipod with .tzx files and play them out of your ipod right into your spectrum earphone socket! Sounds just like the real thing loading! Thrill! as the AticAtac loading screen spills down the screen! Gasp! (and Marvel!) as you wonder where people find the time to create this stuff.

Nobody asked for it, nobody “needs” it, not everyone can do it well, nobody will pay for it. Truly, this is art.