Okay, okay – we will get on to proper science somewhere along the line, not just stuff I read on the side of a bus. But really. Colgate “Oxygen”! I think pseudo-science in cosmetic adverts have reached such a point that Colgate need not claim anything for this product that relates the life giving gas to its efficacy. I am certainly not aware of the tooth saving properties of Oxygen, or indeed how upping its content in a tube of toothpaste does anything but give us less toothpaste (and possibly make it go hard).

The ads have a tagline which is actively unscientific though. “Need some fresh air? Catch the tube”. Whilst this is playing on the often dark and dismal state of the atmosphere in London’s underground, it seems to miss a key point that Oxygen is not fresh air. Where is my 70% Nitrogen please? What this actually suggests is that rather that being good at cleaning teeth, a squirt of Colgate will start even the dullest of campfires.

Here are the actual “scientific” claims from the Colgate Oxygen website:

Colgate Oxygen toothpaste releases fine bubbles of pure oxygen. Plaque and impurities are gently lifted away. For a clean, fresh mouth, like a breath of fresh air.

Bring back Tartar Control Formula. At least that stopped rampages of barbarian hordes on my teeth.