Did you ever have a friend of your parents who was called an Uncle? (Don’t worry, I am not going down that particular paedophile route here.) A mate of your Dad’s who, when you later found out the true definition of Uncle made you feel as though the grown-ups were making this stuff up on the spot.

BBC South West Weather Forecaster Uncle Richard is a bit like that. Richard Angwin is the voice of South West Weather and a much loved old sage to the locals. But then a lot of the locals don’t like the people going to the Glastonbury Festival. You see last week Uncle Richard told us, as late as Wednesday, that we would be over-reacting if we took wellies. Odd the BBC have decided to take this page down to be replaced by the following one as on Friday his tune had changed considerably. Yes, you read that right, on Friday AFTER it had actually rained four inches in three hours.

Weather forecasters are another way of kids realising that not all adults tell the truth or are indeed omnipotent. Weather forecasters possibly need to be avuncular just so we can forgive them when they get it wrong. Well, Richard Angwin, you are no uncle of mine.