“Einstein would have loved Glastonbury” However said scientist is not sure if he would have loved the mud. Equally said scientist gives no real concrete evidence of WHY Albert would have loved this hippy festival. Still, this is science: why never bothered them guys.

This is Einstein year still, and it follows that as much as Einstein loving BMX-ing, he would also be down with the kids at their favourite festival. I am not sure if I approve in any way of this slight of hand to make science cool. Okay, kids think Science Is Dull And Hard and in lots of ways they are right. But suggesting that
a) Einstein would love raving
b) You love raving
c) You could be Einstein
Seems to miss out several important leaps of logic. Nevertheless there are plenty of applicable bits of science to be done a Glastonbury, not just working out how a digeredoo works (and therefore how to disable one). There is a whole area of science completely relevant to this annual festival, namely Dog-On-A-String-Theory.