Out with a friend who is a real actual scientist yesterday, who was explaining his new job doing research on nano-magnets. Such is the level of layman knowledge of science, he was genuinely pleased when Alan made a nanofridge joke. Still, perhaps this is due to what passes as science tuition in our schools. It was suggested after all by one member of our party that one of the lessons done in her school involving a slice of liver on a plate with some milk. Apparently there is some sort of innate liver and milk attraction that reanimates the otherwise dead and certainly sluggish organ into life.

Many questions are raised by this (did said person go to a proper school being the least of them).
a) Does the liver and milk have to be from the same species?
b) What happens to the milk (and liver) when the liver gets there
c) Is it true?
d) has anyone else heard of this.

Well on the final point there is a question here which suggests that this is not a one woman hallucination. This version has the liver attacking whole milk bottles. However I suggest you google “liver milkbottle” at your own risk, as there appears to be a masturbation technique involving these items…

Perhaps that was the subtext at the all-ladies academy…