Heavens, i kill IE with guns pt yada yada yada
Thanks to this blog for letting me google a long-standing bug in the appearance of FT on IE.

“Combining the border-left or border-right parameter with a padding-top or padding-bottom parameter, and then repeating that <div> causes the text in the enclosed region to creep to the left or right at a rate of twice the thickness of the border. The fix here is to either avoid combining these parameters, or to also specify a border-bottom value. Apparently, a variable used for region sizing is not initialized at each <div> tag open/close”

full gen here

for the boxes like this one with borders on the right (look –>) I have added an invisible (white) border on the bottom to stop text creeping right and being clipped off at the box edge. Seriously how do “pro” web designers cope with this crap?

sorry for another dull IE-is-crap post. i shut up now