The Physics Detective Part Six — Dubois Spills the Beans

It was looking like a nondescript installment of The Physics Detective until Dubois — out of nowhere — dropped a bombshell. From the intercepted quantum email:

I think you should be careful about your relationship with RJ. He is a liar and a cheat.

As was the case with negadex in past weeks (i.e. negative refractive index materials do exist, but glass-based negadex does not), q-mail is fiction but the science behind it is true. All that stuff Dubois said about unbreakable quantum communication schemes and detection of eavesdroppers has been proven in theory, but nobody has the technological means to build such a communicatoin system at present. Putting aside the (as yet unknown, since q-mail doesn’t exist) legal consequences of intercepting and reading someone’s private q-mail, let’s consider the content of that line I cited …

What “relationship” with Jaeger? Professional? Or personal? When Jaeger was killed, Shlomiuka held him and cried. Nobody else seemed to be shedding tears after the man’s demise. And isn’t it funny how that line was received in full by Dubois (meaning Shlomiuka never got to read it), while most of the remaining message was garbled? And what to make of Dubois’ parting comment:

“Mr. Lister, Petra Pruszczyncki and Rufus Jaeger were scientific competitors, not jealous lovers.”

They were not lovers … UNLIKE JAEGER AND HIS HOT POSTDOC!! Dubois must know more than she is telling (about a lot of things, not just the saucy stuff).