The Physics Detective Part Four — Lorimer the Louse

“But at least he finished his referee’s report before he died” … !!!

Pretty much a transition episode this week, since nobody’s buying Lorimer as a serious suspect. In a major new twist, Feng is suddenly being portrayed as a cheat. Perhaps he fabricated data, or airbrushed over his mistakes and lied to Jaeger about them? We’ll have to wait to hear his side of the story. But how credible is he now, having joined forces with Pruszczyncki, the seemingly evil inventor of Killer Negadex?

I hope we’ll hear from Wilfred de Bruijn next. He worked closely with Jaeger, had serious issues with him, knew the experiment very well, and should know the truth behind the AFFAIR WITH THE BLONDE RUSSIAN POSTDOC THAT WAS TOO HOT FOR SCIENCE.