Explaining one of my new years resolutions the other day (to not fart in public places) there was a remark that this would be dangerous. Apparently said person thought the gasses would build up inside me and make me explode. The same person later said that excessive flatulence is the sign of a bad diet.

I am sorry to have to contradict on both points, via the either rather up front Facts On Farts website, or the more sedate Wikipedia entry which both – ahem – pooh pooh these assertations. Admittedly the cause of more than average flatulence seems to be based on foods I am inordinately fond of (dairy products, dried fruit and pulses SHOCK!) but there is nothing unhealthy about holding a fart in, or having excessive flatulence. However one thing that seems to come out of the surveys is that people who fart more are happier. Hmm, I might have to rethink that New Years resolution.

Of course said person got her information from “Doctor” Gillian McKeith so I could have assumed it was bollocks.