“time to give yrself into strange gods’ hands”: or how an IT GUY saved my BACON at the mere small cost only of the sacrifice of my DIGNITY hurrah ugh groo

mark s (by email): dear lovely IT Guy One , IT Guy Two says you sometimes undertake small computer repair jobs in a private capacity – my (v.ancient) laptop died yesterday, and my usual trusted repair place seems to have vanished (number unobtainable), so i am v.stuck and desperate – as i have no computers at all (the G3 is that the Apple Centre till Jan) x mark :( :( :(
IG1 (by email): I could have a look, but no guarantees. Pop in and see me
mark s: *scampers across corridor into IT dept*
IG2 (on viewing laptop): Is it Antiques Roadshow?
mark s (teeth never so gritted, smile never so cheerily painted): *SAYS NOTHING (EVEN ABT IG2’s JANGLEPOP GUITAR BAND)*
*more banter abt the pyramids, tudor furniture design et HA FUCKING HA cetera*
IG1: *switches on laptop by the magical trick of PRESSING THE START BUTTON HARD*
mark s: ooo! erm thank you haha oh dear