Internet Explorer Must Die Part 2351
What’d’ya know? seems busy today.

I find the fanaticism surrounding Firefox alarming and puzzling. According to BBC news, “Fans of the software have banded together to raise cash to pay for an advert in the New York Times”. Now I know that a Bulletin Board not too far from here managed to raise cash from its residents in order to stay alive, but a bulletin board is a community and as such is likely to pull together in such cases. So how has a web browser managed to garner such devotion, and with the aim of promotion, rather than survival?

Firefox is definitely one for the geeks and the web-developers with it’s extensibility and developer-friendly plug-in architecture. I try it from time to time, but I just end up going back to Safari. Certainly you PC users out there should go get it. When the Mozilla server calms down.

Either way I’d love to see it make a major assault on whatever MS comes back with in Longhorn, and more specifically open things up so that no browser vendor can break the web (and web standards) the way that MS did.

FreakyTrigger’s recent Browser share:
MS Internet Explorer 67.8 %
FireFox 8.7 %
Safari 7.4 %
Mozilla 4.6 %
Opera 1.7 %

“Preaching” and “converted” spring to mind. Well done, you.