1: Being shot by a firework

AIM: To discover what happens when someone is shot by a cherry bomb style firework at a distance of five metres.

APPARATUS: A “Five Stars” Firework, some slighly softer ground than expected.

METHOD: Place the firework in the soft ground but perhaps don’t secure quite as carefully as you might. Light blue touch paper. Retire and observe after the first “bomb” is shot out the firework fall over, then aiming at the entire crowd standing by the back wall of the house.

RESULTS: The second bomb bounced off the wall harmlessly, the third hit the person next to me squarely in the guts. Slightly winded it was suggested initially that this was more due to shock than power behind the “bomb”. However closer examination showed a singed outer layer of clothing, and a welt underneath similar to that you might get from a paintball. However when looked for, not offending solid was found.
The fourth and fifth bombs equally missed the crowd.

CONCLUSION: You really, really should make sure the fireworks are secure before lighting the fuse…

Proven By Science