The majesty of Google means that an interview in The Times of India with Mira Nair can be quoted around the world by now, or at least the part about her maybe directing the fifth Harry Potter film. The scrap that made it to the IMDB’s news section includes her talking about her levelheadedness: “I’m a Dilliwalli, only an asana gets me on my head!” I know asana’s a yoga pose, but what’s a Dilliwalli? Google provides 84 pages to help. 81 of them are reprints / translations of the original article.

Dilliwali appears to be the word: someone from Delhi, only moreso. Like the way you have to be born in Dublin to be a Dub, but just that itself won’t do it. But as of yet there are only 89 pages containing Dilliwali, while the imposter will surely close the gap in the near future. What monster has Google wrought?