“Mac Nerdery etc” at daringfireball.net
John Gruber – my sort of nerd. Some substantial essays often extolling more sober lines of thought as an antidote to popular badly-thought-through-isms. A prime example being the recent “If only Apple had licensed the Macintosh…” counterfactual that plagues many apple/pc “debates”. I also prefer his take on the recent dashboard vs konfabulator kerfuffle (scratching your head at that = you won’t be interested in this site).

His “I feel strongly that web sites should be producible in a hand-editable format”* is the sort of hardcore sentiment I agree with in theory, certainly GUI web editors (Dreamweaver et al) are an abomination above even Flash-powered home pages, but in practice I can take a bit of automation in my blogging. Which is a relief to FT’s other contributors no doubt.

*from his rant against Trackback!