Back to our old friends BBC news who are pretty pleased with their headline “Museum has flush of inspiration” even though it does not really make sense. (You have flashes of inspiration, hence the lightbulb. No cartoon ever had a toilet appearing over someones head). Anyway, the story is a good old fashioned bio-mass to generate power. Exactly the kind of thing they should be doing at Glastonbury. You could run the whole South West on the shit made at Glasto. Well you could if you made sure no-one told them folks in Cornwall about this new fangle Leck-Trickery (cheers Catweazle).

This plan should of course be rolled out to other public buildings. There are plenty of places where the fecal matter could be usefully turned into power. I daresay you could power much of London with just a couple of electrodes connected to the lavvies in the Houses Of Parliment. After all they are so (insert full of shit joke here.
Ho ho satire isn’t dead…
Oh, sorry, it is.)