Thank you Geeta! Hello fact fans. The quote below says three things to me: that 1) to Holmes, science comprises Frank Kogan’s definition of “what I saw in high school” rather than “what everyone agrees on” and 2) as early as 1872, and no doubt earlier, some branches of science had adopted, or invented, the technique of locating the rule within the aberration, of divining the normal from the abnormal, of using the fault to demonstrate the perfect. A technique which would eventually form the basis of Freud and Lacan’s methodology, and what Friedrich Kittler calls the entire “discourse network of 1900,” which he identifies with the blind spots of Nietzche and the nonsense poetry of Christian Morgenstern. And 3) if you want Oliver Wendell Holmes to finally shut up and give somebody else a chance, not even shrieking will help. Try taking his dessert away.