Is this the BBC’s most confusing graphic?
It’s not the BBC’s fault, the very concept of doing a scale model like this brings in the confusion. This educational project is a grander version of something that every science teacher does these days. You start with a scale that allows you to give out planets to over keen children and send the inner solar system one-by-one to the appropriate distance away in the school car park, and then give the outer planets to those brats with too much energy and explain to them that they need to go to the centre of town/the next village to represent Uranus and Pluto. “Keep going…. no, further, NO FURTHER, GO ON”. Just so long as you don’t accidentally truant the children in question.
Point being that this is a dynamic exercise that shows the scale of the solar system by scaling down the JOURNEY to the distances required. A static scale map like the one in the linked story is of no use to anyone, and brings only confusion to those trying to understand.