Much as the Publog keeps a keen eye out for new snack food produce, Proven By Science will occasionally cast its eye at the scientific (and more probably pseudo-scientific) domestic products. And they don’t come more domestic than Domestos Pink Power. Its a bleach. In a bright pink bottle. And this seems to be its only selling point. It is unclear from the garish billboard ads if there is any other breakthrough in this product rather than the brightness of the bottle. Further research shows that DPP has a fruity, spicy smell – thus making much more attractive to toddlers wishing to drink straight from the bottle. But the big question follows: is the bleach itself pink. How exactly do you go about dying bleach? Isn’t it by definition impossible?

More product watch gives us new Sunsilk Shampoo which promises to turn your hair into tits. Or at least give you 36DD hair (a wholly unconvincing image which I can’t find on the web uses a push-up bra as a hair band). Anyway, the pseudoscience comes on the bottle. In the old days hair was described as normal, greasy, fine, dry – all words which in my mind can apply to hair. But this volumising shampoo is design for SAD hair. Hair that slouches home at the evening, puts ona Leonard Cohen record and cries into a half bottle of red wine. So if your hair is keeping you up by crying and listening to Suzanne, this is the shampoo for you.