Sculpting Sand: Dry In The Hand, Like Putty In The Water. Now I am not sure of the chemical construction of said toy sculpting sand, but I do know that the claim to be like putty in the water is hyperbolic to say the least. Unless your use of putty is to make squiggly worms, there is absolutely nothing puttylike about it. It is of course totally reusable, all you have to do is sieve it out of the water. Which requires not so much a sieve as filter paper. Of course if you were foolish enough to try more than one colour at once then you’ll get a brownish muck like substance back. Admittedly it is dry in the hand, but that is barely a compensation.

With the four dynamic colours I have created in a glass what can only be described as a day glo vomitous mess. It will remain on the kitchen window sill as a talking point until we stop talking about it, or the water goes stagnant. At which point I may release what was called Magic Sand in the eighties into the wild to see if it can fend for itself, or if it will be the final nail in the coffin of the ecosystem. Waterproof sand, whoever heard of such nonsense.