Further to Mark’s point b2 below: The visuals at one point were particularly noteworthy. Voiceover: Such-and-such spent ages looking for an equation. Cue pic of (absurdly handsome) actor leafing through a tome apparently at random, searching, always searching, before closing the book resignedly and chucking it on to the growing pile. Actor then picks another book from the shelf. That the equation in question was actually 200 years old, and therefore was probably written down in a dusty book somewhere, makes no difference to the fact that this is a terrible representation of how these leaps and interconnections are made! It seemed to suggest that this sort of work was just an uncomprehending harvest of a deep and long-forgotten magick. The equation could probably be found in any number of shiny new textbooks as well! As m’colleague indicated below, the criteria for such an equation are what’s important. A small point, possibly, but communicating the flavour of the subject is perhaps the programme-makers’ real task, not telling us the definition of tachyons or whatever.