Spamwatch: the FT email accounts are still getting lots of boring old African dictators but an exciting new trend on the horizon is the garbled subject spam. First off Rayad Corkhill mails me to say “YFggh GGet a huge dink dxxr”, then it’s Ovia Awdi’s turn with “h N joy a raaise in your troouserr portfoli” and now I am contacted by Mead Lechmann who implores me “Unnn Rocckk that boody connfideennttlyrw”. WHAT ARE THEY ON ABOUT? Well OK it is obvious what they’re on about but in an era of spam at least attempting subtlety (“Hi there!”; “Why haven’t you mailed me?”; zzzzz) this sort of thing seems absurdly blatant. And the effect is oddly poetic too – Rayad Corkhill’s genetic viagra is plainly so amazingly strong that even his subject lines seem to be issued in the throes of a body-warping hulk-esque transformation.