topixapologies for talkin abt chocolate bars on a FOOD BLOG but here is an IMPORTANT WARNING

if like me you are in a small turkish cornershop of a morning queuing for ANADIN EXTRA cz you hf 1 x HORRIBLE PRESSURE HEADACHE, and you spot the woman behind the counter unpacking a new item called TWIX-TOPIC, do NOT get as over-excited as i did

ftb it is NOT a mash-up of yr two favourite and most-patronised ever bars — it is actually called TWIX-TOPIX and it is just a wafery-biscuit kind of deal, very dusty and ordinary (the two flavours i had were equally lame): certainly no TIME OUT bar!

(googlin for the image leads me to believe it is a CZECH PRODUCT ) (and straight away the seemingly banal drops through the portal, as ever, into something fascinating: why are so many things on sale in my small turkish cornershop of czech or polish origin?)