Link with clip of Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen (requires Quicktime) as mentioned on yesterday’s FTatLoP. Sadly, my own video of the merciless blunt object destruction of a load of digestives would not upload to YouTube last night so I suggest you recreate your own.


Quantities are largely down to guesswork here.

For one pack of digestives, melt one and a half big (250g) bars of plain chocolate with a knob of butter. Once melted, mix with the biscuits and a blob of honey or golden syrup.

Press the mixture into a baking tray and pop in the fridge to cool. While it cools, melt the rest of the chocolate. Remove the cake from the fridge, spread the chocolate on top and shove back in to cool down some more. Once the cake is set, cut into 2 inch squares and enjoy massive sugar rush with friends.