There are three steps to perfectly cooked rice:
* Clean the rice
* Use 2 water to 1 rice (or a little less water, 1:1.8 as Gary Rhode might say)
* Leave lid on and DO NOT STIR (yes that is 1 step)

and that really is it. If you are still getting sticky rice then the rice is simply not clean. And who can blame you, running water through the rice in a sieve can take a long time to run clean, and is wasteful of water. You might like to try my alternative version that, controversially, includes STIRRING! =:0

Instead of cleaning the rice at the start, let the boiling water do it for you. So turn the heat up and get the water to boil rapidly. This turns the water cloudy (with all the rice dust). Give it a hand with a quick stir with a fork – separating the bits of rice. Then STRAIN out the cloudy water over a measuring jug (or whatever you measure out the rice/water with in the first place), and replace with the same amount of clean boiling water from the kettle. Repeat if the cloudiness persists, usually with a large amount of rice. All this is to be done quick and as soon as the boiling starts, so don’t repeat more than once.

To the already content rice cookers: YES, this IS a lot of faff for the simplest thing to cook in the world, but it’s actually quite quick once you’ve done it. This is now how I always do my rice, and it gives me consistenly unsticky rice.