In the alcopop boom, there was one brand which was the little engine that could. Vodka Kick, or VK, had one core selling point which marked it out from the other foul tasting liquids in the sector. It was considerably cheaper. Thus when the bottom fell out of the alcopop market, the VK brand remained in the chiller cabinets of cheap clubs and student union bars.

In the last dying thrashes of the alcopop wars, there was a boost in the foul tasting shots market, directly related in as much as people were quite used to linking sickly and alcoholic in their heads. And so the flavour chemists at VK set themselves a new challenge. Sickly cheap alcohol shots. Initially these too were VK Branded – but this diversification to a not well respected brand in the first place was seen as foolish.

Thus Corky’s Vodka Shots was born. (Beware of this “comic website” though it says much about the perceived market). What the site does not make clear is the range of foul flavours available. I can do that for you with a trust trade mag by my side:
Apple Sour
White Chocolate
Chocolate & Orange
Cola Cube

All pretty nasty, but nothing compared to the horror of the new brand:
Cream Egg.

Did we fight the alcopop wars just to be slaughtered by a bottle of liquid that looks like advocaat and tastes like sick sweetened with a ton of sugar. No – we did not.