An interesting look at the claims made about so-called friendly foods from the Guardian, foods where claims are for active boosting of immune systems, intelligence, gut-rot. Of course the Guardian and The Observer can talk, Dr John Briffa has now usurped the Barefoot Doctor as the column I most hate at the weekend (admittedly via the fact that the Barefoot Doctor has been axed). If I hear one more rant from him about how fruit juice is evil and carbs kill I’ll throttle him myself: there are people out there who cut food out of their diet because of him, and never add the good stuff back.

But this is off the point. The point being a drunken pub conversation last night, where the whole status of friendly bacteria was called into question. In particular are they really friendly or are we actually just abusing them, some sort of nano-slaves in our body. And to what extent could they change their protozoic minds, rise up and abuse their human overlords? All it would take is a word from some of the less friendly bacteria and it could all be over for the human race. So beware when you neck you (useless) bottles of Yakult. And store them by the Domestos, just in case.

Pumpkin Publog