OK this is not an proper omlet but a SPANISH OMLET minus TATERS but PLUS PAELLA but MINUS RICE

i. Fry big bunch of pre-cooked shrimps or prawns in butter and a bit olive oil, ideally in griddle pan (=has little ridges)
ii. Also smoked mackerel (take off oily skin) (now remove mackerel skin also HAH) be fried also, in little pieces
iii. Beat 3 x ordinary size eggs or 2 x super large eggs in bowl w.a little salt
iv. when prawns and shrimps are getting a bit brown and crispy, add egg all over
v. mix up as egg goes firm — it will magickally fold the butter into itself!! — but don’t let it get TOO firm

add pepper and serve!! use a wooden spoon or stick to get it out from the ridges, it will come v.easily

you can also add eg chopped onion or red pepper but actually it is supernice just as is — i did it yesterday w.steamed broc, mange tout peas, asparagus tips and tiny corn-on-cobs, all in one little steamer