Continuing our brand xtension theme, I offer you TONY’S TIGER POWER, a brand extension of Frosties, at least by name and cartoon mascot. Tiger Power promises 1) low sugar 2) no added salt 3) wholegrain energy and if you were presented with a bowl of them pack unseen I guarantee it that you would not think “Frosties”. You would think “Shreddies” because that’s what Tiger Power is. Very mildly sugared Shreddies.

For my purposes Tiger Power works well enough – but I have a cynical view of today’s kids and fear that the enormously dynamic Tony T on the packet will set expectations which this slightly drab cereal cannot match. Tiger Power is a pretty obvious stab at moving kids’ cereals back onto healthier (& hence friendlier to concerned mums) ground, but it’s making its character bear far too much of the weight of a product that has nothing to do with him.